Kathryn M. Collins, LCSW Counseling Services

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice. My goal is to provide counseling in an informal, friendly and confidential atmosphere-to create a safe place to talk about any concern-including topics and feelings such as stress, worry, sadness, relationship difficulties, adjustment challenges, life crises or financial struggles.

There are many good reasons to seek counseling or therapeutic services. The clients I see deal with a broad range of issues, topics and feelings. Some clients come in because they need a neutral sounding board. Others face issues that interfere with their ability to feel happy and productive. Still others may need more comprehensive services. Regardless, my job is to help people find solutions to their problems and to develop a deeper understanding of themselves.

About Me:

I have been in the mental health field for almost 20 years.  I recieved my Masters degree from Simmons College Graduate School of Social Work in 1999 in Boston, MA.  I have experience working with at risk adolescents and their families, child and adult survivors of sexual assault and abuse, foster families, parents with young children and adults of all ages.  I have experience and training in a variety of treatment techniques including play therapy.  In Madison I helped develop a program with the American Red Cross and William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital to support Veterans awaiting organ transplants.