For Students / Young Adults

Counseling and the College, Graduate or Professional School Student

People often have high expectations about young adulthood—that your college years are the “best” years of your life. But for some people, the pressures of student life are overwhelming and can lead to emotional distress.

There are many challenges facing young adults. For some, it is the first time away from home. Others are confronted by academic expectations and financial constraints. Many are struggling to find balance between social and academic life. Today’s young people are facing the added pressure of keeping up with with a fast-paced, technologically-enabled culture. Whether it is trying to keep up appearances in real life or on social media, these challenges can lead to self-esteem issues, academic trouble, substance abuse, difficulty with attention and sleep, increased anxiety feelings of loneliness, depression and even thoughts of suicide. Counseling services can play a pivotal role to address problems before they become worse.

I know counseling centers are struggling to keep up with the growing demand for services; sometimes students are left feeling like there is no place to turn. Students may find that on-campus services are limited or over-booked. My goal is to provide an alternative that meets the needs of students who are looking for help.

I accept self-payments as well as UW’s SHIP insurance, but many students may have coverage through their parent’s health plan.